Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about ModuPower®
Yes, the ModuPower® can be connected directly to the existing ground-switch with a high voltage cable. 
The ModuPower® is a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS), changing you ESP power supply from a T/R to SMPS will give you a higher power input to your ESP. This will either give you a lower power consumption but keeping the same cleaning efficiency on your ESP; or have the same power consumption but increasing the cleaning efficiency with up to 20 – 50%.

The ModuPower® can be placed as far from the ModuPlasma®  module as you like, however we do not recommend further than 100 meters. 

Modularity and possibility to reduce downtime in case of failure of one ModuPower® unit.

A: In addition to the traditional position next to the ground switch, the cabinets can be placed up to 100 meters away from the ground switch is possible.

B:  The ModuPower®   cabinets can be placed in a small room, the cooling unit (heat loss evacuation) can be placed outside the room (up to 10 meters hose length).

C: The ModuPower®  modules can be delivered in a pre-fabricated and pre-tested control room (container), which can be lifted directly into the preferred position. Check our video here:

SEID ModuPower for ESP – Installation Options – YouTube

A: The ModuPower®  electronic is liquid cooled, no dusty air is sucked into the ModuPower®  electronic for cooling. Dry coolers remove the excess heat. In a dirty industrial environment, only the dry coolers need attention.

B: The ModuPower®  can connect to a factory cooling system, if this exists. This eliminates the need for dry coolers.

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