R&D Project for the new ModuPlasma HD system completed as planned

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R&D Project for the new ModuPlasma HD system completed as planned

Late 2017 we started a new development project aimed at developing the next generation ModuPlasma™ system.

We partnered up with the University in Oslo (UiO) and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). External funding was secured from the Norwegian Research Council (NRC). 

The goal of the project was to be able to move the technology to new frontiers, from Odor control to direct treatment/and or modification of a large number of VOCs.

The ambition was also to be able to influence/alter certain chemical compositions, including NOx/SO2/CO2 – All inside the Plasma Chamber/s.

High-Density ModuPower™

“A Radical Plasma Shower” or RPS, which implies that plasma only direct treats a portion of the total flow, producing active species in particular radicals which when treating the total gas flow as a “shower”

A RPS system for gas cleaning can be very energy efficient, especially in the case of very high flow rates values of the exhaust gas stream.


We launch our first ModuPlasma™ system back in 1997 and since then 100’s modules have been delivered all across the globe.

The majority of our international clients have made use of the ModuPlasma system (power by our Modular ModuPower™ MPX, our high-frequency switch-mode power supply) due to the unique ability to remove odor and VOC’s as well as particulates from emissions with an abatement efficiency of 75-99%.

ModuPlasma™ is an odor abatement system that uses direct treatment, which means the flue gas/emission is led through the energy field, unlike most other Ozone products, where the Ozone is pumped INTO the flue gas/emissions from an external injector system.

ModuPlasma HD™ is based on all the learnings and experience from 23 years and elevate us to a whole new energy level. Simply put, we can generate more power into our plasma chambers, with the ability to destroy or modify various molecular structures before leaving the plasma chamber. The new plasma chamber/s are completely redesigned and as before comes with several add-ons such as enhanced UV and washing/cleaning abilities.