Need to test and verify a ModuPlasma™ system?

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Need to test and verify a ModuPlasma™ system?

The ModuPlasma™ Mobile Test Center is a modular-based fully functional abatement system designed for 1. 600 m³/h, where our commercial systems start at 25.000m3/h and upwards.

The ModuPlasma™ Mobile Test Center is equipped with a non-thermal plasma unit, UV system and activated carbon filter which can be configured in different configurations depending on the emission to be treated.

The ModuPlasma™ Mobile  Test Center consists of the following parts:

• 20 feet container (LxWxH 6058x2438x2591 mm, approx. 5 000 kg)
• Plasma Reaction Chamber (PRC)
• High voltage generator (ModuPower™)
• Cooling system for cooling of the ModuPower™
• UV System
• Control cabinet for UV
• Fan
• Activated Carbon Filter (optional)
• Power distribution cabinet (PDC)


The ModuPower™ generates a unique high voltage signal which charges the electrical field or reaction zone inside the PRC. All electrostatic and chemical processes and reactions contributing to the cleaning efficiency and dust collection of the system take place in this zone. The ModuPower™ is liquid-cooled due to the high-energy dissipation in the unit at full load. For this purpose, the ModuPower™ is equipped with a closed-loop cooling system.

Requirements for connection to factory emission:
– Power for PDC: 400 VAC 3 phase +PE+N (63A)
– Emission: Inlet/outlet connection Ø315 Lindab ducting (standard ventilation duct.

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