Products and solutions

Odor and VOC abatement systems

SEID offers advanced oxidation technologies and High Voltage Power Supplies to improve Odor and VOC abatement system`s performance.


ModuPlasma™ is an odor abatement system that uses direct cold plasma treatment, which means that the emission is led through an energy field, in contrast to other plasma solutions, where ozone and radicals are injected into the emission.

This direct treatment results in oxidation 100 000 – 1 000 000 times faster than in nature. ModuPlasma™ delivers fast results in an environmentally safe manner.


High Density Plasma reactor

The HDP solution has been developed over the past few years, and is the “next generation” ModuPlasma™, however with a much smaller size and without the collection capabilities. The HDP solution has its own power supply technology, built on the experience from ModuPower®.

Power consumption 18 kW/60 000 m3/h treated air.


the power behind ModuPlasma™

ModuPower® is the high frequency, high voltage power supply used to energize electrostatic precipitators (ESP), dust filters and ModuPlasma™ odour abatement system. Its modular design allows for multiple configurations for various applications.

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