Solutions for High Voltage

We deliver standard + customized solutions, to fit the client’s needs because there is no single solution to odor problems.

In many cases, we often customize with additional technologies for optimal performance.

+ ModuPlasma™ or ModuPlasma HD™  (High-Density)
+ Ultra Violet light (UV)
+ Scrubbers
+ Active Carbon filtration
+ Particle & Dust abatement solutions


ModuPlasma™ offers a variety of different solutions that can be adapted to our customers’ needs and contribute to environmental protection.

Our solutions are sustainable.

They reuse as much as possible of the existing equipment. Our solutions have a low environmental impact. They reduce waste by-products and keep water consumption and possible chemicals to a minimum.

Our solutions require low energy consumption. This is not only environmentally friendly but also reduces costs.

We focus on our customers’ operational costs and ROI is always a key factor!

Examples of our Solutions

Vegetable oil processing

ModuPlasma™ alone will typically reduce odour by 65% to 80%. With high aerosol content, the ModuPlasma™ will be used as an ESP – with highly efficient collection – as odour is present in the aerosols.

Additional odour treatment can be used if required. A typical solution is the ModuPlasma™ + UV + scrubber. Chemistry can contain amines, aldehydes, ketones, organic acids, organic nitrogen and Sulphur compounds.

Pet food, animal and fish feed

Pet food, animal and fish feed often have a high dust content, requiring a cyclone or bag filter before odour treatment.

For wet emissions, ModuPlasma™ can also be used as a wet ESP – highly efficient particle collection – odour treatment in a second step.

Depending on the inlet concentration, odour abatement down to 2.500 OUE is normally achievable with ModuPlasma™ alone.

Chemistry can contain amines, organic acids, aldehydes, organic Sulphur compounds, terpenes

Rendering Plants

High odour loads are typical for rendering and can be millions of OUE. This requires several steps of treatment depending on the chemistry load.

A typical solution is the use of scrubber + oxidation + scrubber. ModuPlasmaTM can also be used to collect particles upstream.

Chemistry can contain amines, organic acids, aldehydes, organic Sulphur compound and terpenes.

Sewage and water treatment

Odour loads vary a lot which makes chemistry analysis /

concentration   via   oxidation   and   activated   carbon  is typically found in pumping stations or ventilation.

A high incoming concentration via scrubber (acid or alkaline, depending on the chemistry), oxidation and scrubber (alkaline) is typically found in wastewater treatment plants.

Chemistry can contain H2S, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, organic acids, organic nitrogen and Sulphur compounds.

Worldwide installations

2500 modules of ModuPower®

Since 1997 we have delivered state-of-the-art Air Pollution control solutions to industrial clients all across the Globe.

We have manufactured and installed more than 2500 modules of our ModuPlower® and ModuPlasma™ systems. 


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