About Us

26 years of experience

We are one of the world’s leading developers of Industrial Odour and Air Pollution Control Systems, manufacturing and delivering state-of-the-art technology.

About SEID

What does SEID mean?

Seid (of Northern Seiðr) is a collective term for knowledge and techniques that lie in the borderland between religion and magic. Seid was regarded as hidden knowledge in the Iron Age and the Viking Age in the North.

Our Mission

Seid shall be recognized as a leading, innovative provider of pollution control solutions by application of cutting edge, energy-efficient technology through our partner network, reducing CO2 emissions, and improve environmental footprint for our customers.

SEID AS Technology and Competence


We have experience from a broad range of industries and have over the years built extensive know-how, which provides us with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by various industries when it comes to Odour and VOC abatement. 


Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

Code of conduct

All these documents are available on request


We aim to be a safe workplace and everyone working for us strives to perform their work in an environment that emphasizes the safety of all individuals in the workplace.

zero harm for people, assets and the environment

Our goal is zero harm for people, assets, and the environment. To achieve this goal, we continuously focus on risk management and having health safety and the environment as an integrated part of all our activities. We have established a documented HSEQ system that applies to all our employees and all our activities.


To be able to fulfill our customer's expectations, we strive for continuous improvement. We focus on being a safe, reliable, responsible, and ethical supplier of Non-Thermal Plasma and Power Supply systems.



New offices in Beijin, China and Bangalore, India. 


As a result of our company Growth Strategy, 7 new investors joined SEID AS. 


Commercialization of the next-generation system, High-Density ModuPlasma® integrated with our next generation SMPS power supply.


As of May 1st, 2020 Schenck Process Norge AS has become Seid AS as the result of a spinoff from the previous owner; Schenck Process Group.

Seid logo


Schenck Process has acquired all assets in the Norwegian companies Applied Plasma Physics AS and  ModuPower® (APP).


First delivery to China, Tianjin Cigarette Factory. The system was the first delivery with a combination of Non-thermal Plasma and UV light for enhanced performance.



ModuPower® launched as a separate business area.


First delivery of a Modular Compact Electrostatic Precipitators for cleaning particulate emissions to Norton, Lillesand, Norway.

Norton - 1


First reference installation odour control systems (Nutreco Skretting).


The company was established as Applied Plasma Physics.

We deliver our products worldwide

Since 1997 we have delivered state-of-the-art Air Pollution control solutions to industrial clients all across the Globe.

We have manufactured and installed more than 2500 modules of our ModuPower® and ModuPlasma® systems. 

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