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This depends on what kind of emission that needs to be treated. For feed industry, pethood, animal feed and fish feed, typical cleaning efficiency is between 80 and 95% analyzed according to EN13725. High inlet odour concentration will give high cleaning reduction in %, but you may still have high odour load in your outlet. Low inlet concentration may give low cleaning efficiency in %, but you may still have low outlet concentration and comply with your regulations. 

The ModuPlasma®  system is a modular system, each module is designed for 20 000 m³/h and can be installed in parallel to reach the required air volume. 

The ModuPlasma®  system is a direct plasma system, that means that the emission is treated directly in the plasma zoneRadicals produced in the plasma zone are very short lived, that means that you need to have the radical production close or in the emission to have effect. 

The ModuPlasma®  system including the electrode wires are made in stainless steel. 316L.

Yes, the ModuPlasma®  modules can be placed both inside and outside. The ModuPower® power supplies should be placed under a roof/weather protection or inside the factory 

The ModuPower® can be placed as far from the ModuPlasma®  module as you like, however we do not recommend further than 100 meters. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the ModuPower® can be connected directly to the existing ground-switch with a high voltage cable. 
The ModuPower® is a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS), changing you ESP power supply from a T/R to SMPS will give you a higher power input to your ESP. This will either give you a lower power consumption but keeping the same cleaning efficiency on your ESP; or have the same power consumption but increasing the cleaning efficiency with up to 20 – 50%.

The ModuPower® can be placed as far from the ModuPlasma®  module as you like, however we do not recommend further than 100 meters. 

Modularity and possibility to reduce downtime in case of failure of one ModuPower® unit.

A: In addition to the traditional position next to the ground switch, the cabinets can be placed up to 100 meters away from the ground switch is possible.

B:  The ModuPower®   cabinets can be placed in a small room, the cooling unit (heat loss evacuation) can be placed outside the room (up to 10 meters hose length).

C: The ModuPower®  modules can be delivered in a pre-fabricated and pre-tested control room (container), which can be lifted directly into the preferred position. Check our video here:

SEID ModuPower for ESP – Installation Options – YouTube

A: The ModuPower®  electronic is liquid cooled, no dusty air is sucked into the ModuPower®  electronic for cooling. Dry coolers remove the excess heat. In a dirty industrial environment, only the dry coolers need attention.

B: The ModuPower®  can connect to a factory cooling system, if this exists. This eliminates the need for dry coolers.

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