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Sales Team

Ernst Henriksen

International Sales & Product Manager

23-year company veteran. Extensive experience in industrial pollution control systems and solutions. Formal background from Environmental Technologies.

+47 40006216

Håvard Vetrhus

International Sales Strategy & CR Manager

He was part of the founding team of Applied Plasma Physics back in late 1999, having the responsibility of the commercialization and establishing sales and distribution of the technology, worldwide.

+47 40006220

Ivar Thygesen


35 years of experience with industrial heat recovery, fan technology, and air pollution control. Mech engineer and Bi Norwegian business school. Built-up Itek in Norway and Poland.

+47 90912822

Li Dong


Former EC sales and product manager of Seid AS China. +15 years of experience in the energy/cement/steel industry, especially in Environmental Control & Abatement Systems.

+86 13811563712

Anantha Murthy


22+ years of experience in the automatisation industry and 7 years of experience in the construction energy/cement/steel industry, especially in power and environmental control & abatement systems.

+91 9686475890

Product and Technology Team

Frode Kleveland Vik

Product Manager in High Voltage Electronics

Remya Nair

Senior Scientist & Consultant / NTP

Bjarte Kvingedal

Software Product Manager

Deike Hatscher

Senior Scientist &  Consultant / NTP

Yangfang Li

Development & strategy consultant / NTP

Management Team

Terje Hauan

Director of Strategy & Business Development

Experienced and versatile entrepreneur with relevant management experience from smaller scalable startups, as well as larger international companies.

Jan Drotningsvik


A 12-year veteran with SEID, having a strong commercial background and a thorough understanding of the market and client needs. 

Haakon Korshavn

Chief Financial Officer

Former CFO of Applied Plasma Physics.+35 years industrial experience from a wide range of industries, predominantly from the finance, IT, and the energy sector.

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