Cold Methane Pyrolysis


A novel approach to sustainable Hydrogen production

Horizon Europe project launched in June 2022

Accelerating the development of novel cold plasma (non-thermal plasma) reactor for the production of sustainable Hydrogen alongside high-value Carbon

ColdSpark® is created on SEID’s 25  years of experience with Non-Thermal Plasma and high voltage power systems.

COLDSPARK® is a cost-efficient cold methane pyrolysis platform for sustainable Hydrogen production

The pilot system is a modular containerized platform placed close to existing natural gas or biogas infrastructure.

A modular system is aimed at volumes up to 1 600 kg Hydrogen/day. 

Our goal by 2025 is a larger infrastructure with 50 000 kg Hydrogen sustainable Hydrogen/day

The reactor’s modular design enables low CAPEX and OPEX, resulting in increased flexibility and scalability compared to other production techniques (SMR/electrolysis)

ZERO CO2 or other greenhouse gases

Cost-competitive, environment-friendly Hydrogen from biogas

Our proprietary Cold Methane Pyrolysis process requires less energy than conventional hydrogen production technologies per produced kg of hydrogen. An additional product could be acetylene.


1kg of CH4 contain ~13,6 kWh/kg

1kg of CH4 contain ~0,25 kg H2 and ~0,75 kg Carbon​

In 2021 ~ 70 mill tones of H2 are produced by SMR of CH4

CO2 emission for SMR hydrogen production 9 kg CO2/kg H2

IEA predicts: 435 million tons of low-carbon hydrogen by 2045

Storing CO2 in project Longship estimated at around ~USD 150/ton​

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Project ColdSpark® has received funding from the European Union's Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme

Grant agreement iD: 101069931

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