SeidPower® for ESP

Optimized high voltage esp solutions

With our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in ESP power supplies, controls, and hardware, we make ESP processes work to optimum effect – whatever the challenge.


Simple in concept, difficult in reality

There are several upgrade alternatives available to plant owners who need to increase the particulate removal capacity of an ESP or to boost the performance of an otherwise underperforming unit.

ModuPower® users can increase PM collecting speed, improve flow distribution entering the ESP, or reduce the power consumption and operational cost.

ModuPower® VS Conventional T/R

Selecting the right solution...

Often a less intrusive, quicker, and more cost-effective solution for improving ESP performance can be realized by replacing a conventional power supply system with a high-frequency switch-mode power supply (SMPS) that converts 50/60 Hz power to low ripple DC with output waveform ripple below 3 percent.

The typical voltage output from the SMPS, usually determined by the ESP plate spacing, discharge electrode type, and particle resistivity, ranges from 50 kV to 120 kV with improved spark handling. The SMPS also has a faster spark and arc response time—microseconds instead of milliseconds—that reduces the power dissipated in sparks and arcs, as well as wear on power feed components and ESP internals.

ModuPower® for ESP

Installation Options

Do you need to improve your overall ESP performance and looking for a new power supply?

Simple and easy retrofit of our ModuPower® MPX system might do that job and bring you into compliance with national/local regulations.

The unique switching and transformer design of the ModuPower® MPX allows for remote mounting capabilities. If the ambient temperature of the desired installation location is well above the power supply recommendations, the ModuPower® MPX can be remotely located in a more suitable environment.

Seid AS Power Supply is connected to ESP ground switch utilizing a high voltage cable, this leads to the overall lower installation cost.

The core design concept is modularity in which multiple power modules are connected in parallel to provide fault tolerance, minimize component variations and provide a wider range of ratings to suit a variety of applications. 

ModuPower® MPX Benefits

An SMPS upgrade has 2 principal benefits, which are dependent on how the unit is operated:

Improves ESP collection efficiency

Improves unit heat rate / increase sellable power to the grid

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