ModuPower® MPX Technology

Optimized high voltage esp solutions

The ModuPower®  MPX improves the Particulate Matter (PM) collection efficiency of any electrostatic precipitator by increasing the average power into the process regardless of application.

ModuPower® MPX

High Voltage Pulse signal

Our high-frequency switch-mode power supply (SMPS) is designed to energize electrostatic precipitators (ESP), ModuPlasma®, and similar applications. The ModuPower® generates a pulse high voltage signal, which charges the electrical field inside ESP/ModuPlasma™ reaction chamber.

SEID AS power supplies are composed of multiple, independently operating modules with their outputs connected in parallel. Modularity greatly improves the reliability of the entire power supply and reduces downtime in case of failure. Each module is 30 kW and operating independently.

We Take Cooling Seriously!

The ModuPower® MPX design is state of the art and handles the challenges of adequately cooling heat-sensitive power electronics in an industrial environment.

Forced cooling of all primary components ensures proper operation during all load conditions. Our closed-loop and common cooling system designs ensure that each ModuPower® MPX will operate effectively in a variety of environments.

Additionally, major cooling system components use dry-break connections which drastically minimizes the time and effort needed to exchange required components.


Easy to Maintain

The ModuPower® MPX is designed for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. However, we kept the user in mind involving servicing and replacement parts as components are readily available and designed to be replaced by the user.

The end-user has the ability to replace either complete modules or the individual components. With all replacement parts, including the HV Unit, weighing less than 100 pounds, a single technician can easily perform all maintenance without the need for heavy machinery or special equipment. Each major part can be typically replaced in less than 30 minutes after ModuPower® MPX is properly shut down and tagged out.

ModuPower® MPX

Maximum flexibility, minimum cost

Key differences in circuit topology VS the competition also allow for the maximum flexibility regarding installation to minimize overall project cost as well as other distinct advantages exclusive to MPX. 

Why ModuPower® MPX?

Comparison of Technologies for charging and Collecting conventional Power Supply

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