Our Odour, Particles and VOC treatment


Direct treatment  cold plasma application collecting particles and droplets containing odour

  • Volume: 20 000 m3/h per module
  • Power: 10 – 25 kW (max. 30 kW)
  • Relative humidity: < 100%
  • Temperature: < 70 °C
  • Weigh: approx. 2 000 kg per module with platforms
  • One module is 5,5 m tall and  footprint is 3,0 m by 1,7 m
  • Fish feed
  • Pet Food
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutic
  • Vegetable oil
  • Tobacco

ModuPlasma® HD

High Density Plasma Reactor is our take on moving the cold plasma technology further

  • The ModuPlasma® HD solution has been developed over the past few years, and is the “next generation” ModuPlasma® , however with a much smaller size and without the collection capabilities.

    The ModuPlasma® HD solution has its own power supply technology, built on the experience from ModuPower®.

    Power consumption 18 kW/60 000 m3/h treated air.

  • Paint and coating
  • Plastic
  • Chemical
  • Rendering
  • NOx 
  • SOx

Odour Solutions - UV

Ultraviolet light UV, Scrubbers, Activated Carbon Filtration, Scrubber Alkaline, Particle and dust abatement solutions

  • ModuPlasma® alone will typically reduce odour by 65% to 80%. With high aerosol content, the ModuPlasma® will be used as an ESP – with a highly efficient collection – as odour is present in the aerosols.

    Additional odour treatment can be used if required.

    A typical solution is the ModuPlasma® + UV + scrubber.

    Chemistry can contain amines, aldehydes, ketones, organic acids, organic nitrogen and sulphur compounds.

  • Fish feed
  • Pet food
  • Food
  • Vegetable oil processing
  • Rendering
  • Sewage and waste water treatment

Our ESP Power Supplies

ModuPower® MPX

Optimize your existing or new ESP system with ModuPower® to improve Particulate Matter collection efficiency.

  • Voltage: fixed per power supply

Typical voltages are 50 kV, 83 kV, 90 kV, 110 kV

Compare these voltages to T/R averages!

  • Current: variable and changeable

Each module is 30 kW:

A 50 kV ModuPower™ @ 30kW is 1 module of 600 mA

A 83 kV ModuPower™ @ 90kW is 3 modules each 360mA = 1080 mA

  • Modules/components

Each module is:

One driver unit

One High Voltage (transformer) module

  • A ModuPower™  also has display, fuses, cooling etc
  • Cement
  • Rubber
  • Semiconductor
  • Coal
  • Steel


Optimize your existing or new ESP system with ModuPower® to improve Particulate Matter collection efficiency.

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SeidPower® Marine

The SeidPower® Marine is designed for energizing wet ESPs in marine- and similar applications

The SeidPower® Marine is a switched mode power supply (SMPS) for energizing electrostatic precipitators. A typical system with the SeidPower® Marine consists of the following parts:

  • High voltage power supply (SeidPower® Marine)
  • Cooling system for cooling the SeidPower® Marine power supply.
  • ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator)
  • Control system/interface to customer PLC


The SeidPower® Marine generates a unique high voltage signal, which charges the electrical field or reaction zone inside the ESP.

The SeidPower® Marine is liquid-cooled due to the high-energy dissipation in the unit at full load. For this purpose, the SeidPower® Marine is equipped with a closed loop cooling system.

The most important feature of the SeidPower® Marine and what distinct it from competing SMPS solutions is the Modularity. This feature offers various advantages, especially on serviceability, ease of operation and redundancy. Due to the Modular concept, servicing a non-functional Module means replacing it, an operation that takes a skilled technician less than an hour. The Modularity also means that a possible failure in a component does not necessarily mean that the entire unit must be shut down, and operation may continue.

The Modularity makes it possible to increase the power output to fit the WESP at the same voltage level by adding another module.

Standard SeidPower® Marine is rated for 50 kV and 600 mA. The SeidPower® Marine can be adjusted to the size of the WESP by adding modules.

Our Concept "One stop shop"

Our Energy Recovery System

Heat Exchangers

Reduction in energy use and therefore Operational Cost (OPEX)

Product 2

Optimize your existing or new ESP system with ModuPower® to improve Particulate Matter collection efficiency.

Air Flow from Factory

Air Flow from Factory

Air Flow from Factory

Colling Control Cabinet

SeidPower® Power Supply

ModuPlasma® HD Odour and VOC Treatment

Exhaust to Atmosphere

Exhaust to Atmosphere

ModuPlasma® Odour and VOC Treatment

Problems with Industrial Odour and VOC?

Pet food and fish feed / Vegetable oil processing / Sewage and waste water treatment / Rendering / Tobacco / Cement / Rubber / Coal / Steel / Others

We deliver standard and customized solutions since 1997

75-99% Odour removal efficiency / Very low maintenance and operation cost / Low energy and water consumption / Small footprint / Minimal usage of chemicals / Low CAPEX and OPEX

Our Technology

  1. High Frequency Power Supply: SEID converts low-voltage grid power into pulsed ultra high-voltage power. 
  2. Non-thermal Plasma Reactors: The pulsed power is used to create a plasma “forcefield” to split molecules with minimal energy consumption

By combining the two technologies, SEID can offer something no-one else can,
with multiple applications

Solutions for your Industry

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