Typical odor removal efficiency with ModuPlasma™ as a standalone unit is in the range 75% – 99% depending on the emission and odor concentration


Odor and VOC Abatement Control System

ModuPlasma™ is an odor and VOC abatement system that uses direct treatment, which means the emission is normally led through the energy field, in opposition to some other plasma solutions, where ozone and associated “radicals” are injected into the emission.

This direct treatment results in oxidation 1 to 10 million times faster than in nature. Quick results and done in an environmentally safe manner.

In cases where you cannot make use of the direct treatment, we can provide optimised external injection systems, even if those are less efficient due to the laws of physics.


Main features

• Removes odor and particulates from emissions with an abatement efficiency of 75-99%

• Nominal capacity of one module: odor <20,000 m³/h, particles <35,000 m³/h

• Handles emission volumes from <10,000 m³/h to 2,000,000 m³/h

• Power consumption: normal 10-25kW, maximum: 30 kW per module

• Small footprint

• Simple on/off operation

• Very low maintenance and operation cost

• Remote control and monitoring via the Internet

• 1 or 30 modules, all depending on your needs

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Installation at Felleskjopet, Stavanger, Norway.


Most frequent questions and answers about ModuPlasma™

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by ModuPower off course

ModuPlasma is a modular and very versatile product and may customize to your specific need in many ways. 



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